Lost and Found

A collection of old iron rusting away.

Brockway 359 Dump Truck

Ford F-800 Crew Cab Dump Trucks

50’s Oshkosh Snow Thrower

International Loadstar 1600

GMC “A” Model logging truck

International R-210 Tow Truck

Kenworth K100, 50’s Autocar DC, International R-Series Dump Truck & International Transtar 4300

Ford LTL 9000

White 7000

International Loadstars Part 2

International Loadstars

Brockway 361 Dump Truck

International R-200

Mack MB Log Loader

International and Reo Junk Yard Trucks

International Fleetstar and GMC 9500

White Road Boss 2

Dobbins Auto Parts Tour

GMC Astro

Slate Quarry Relics

Delivery Trucks

Brockway 361’s

Ford F500 Cabover

Federal Wrecker and Kenworth Semi

Chevy Bison

Military Trucks

Brockway 761 Dump Truck

International Transtar 4200 Tow Truck

Ford F-600 collection

Modern Era Macks

GMC Tow Trucks

B-Model Mack and Superliner

B-Model Mack & Ford F-600

Chevy C70 Roll Back

Ford Aeromax L9000

GMC General

Walter Snowfighters

International Loadstar

Junk Yard in PA

Syracuse DPW Autocar Plow Truck

Brockway 359 Dump Truck

Autocar Dump Truck

Trojan Loader

Reo 6×6

Oneida County High Plains

Heavy Equipment Spectacular

Treasure Trove of Old Trucks

GMC 8500

Kenworth K-100

Mack R-Model and Autocar

International R-190 Plow Truck

Mack Superliner

Mack L-Models and International R-Series

Mack R-Model and International Fleetstar

White 3000 and White 3000 Revisited

5 Responses to Lost and Found

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  2. Al Jennings says:

    Just loved the video snippets. Looks like a great site! How do I join? Also, I have a wonderful 9+ minute YouTube of me driving my straight exhaust 6-71 10 speed Crown Coach bus with high volume and sweet sounds. You’re welcome to use it if you like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuWMdYs-MxQ. Let’s get me signed up for more! Thanks! Al Jennings

    • Eric says:

      Hi Al, joining is as simple as coming back at 930AM EST to see what it is new. Comment on anything you like just like you did today. Nice and simple! Sweet bus BTW.

  3. Nick says:

    Hi any idear how much the cj10a jeeps made at the auction?? What is one worth?? Thanks

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