Autocar Mondays – The Barn

The scenic byways of America have much to offer. Before the interstates they were the main routes of travel across this great country. These roads cut through small towns that haven’t changed much over the years. Instead of chain restaurants and stores you’ll find locally run shops with their own unique charm. If you are ever passing through Greigsville, NY make sure you look up The Barn Restaurant. Along with great food there is an interesting collection of trucks out back. If you ask nicely you might just be able to take a look around. The collection spans the golden era of trucking with Brockway, Diamond-T, Ford, and of course Autocar all making an appearance. When was the last time you saw a U-Model Autocar much less one with a mixer? I can’t image the top speed of the truck was very fast and that is probably a good thing. Slow and steady wins the race.

Thanks for the share David!

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6 Responses to Autocar Mondays – The Barn

  1. Mike says:

    Think this might have been from the old Kemp Truck Museum in Hillsborough NH.

  2. David S Bestys says:

    No, not from Kemp’s…or whatever. From a restaurant and truck collection in western NY. I took the photo…and got no credit.

  3. David S Bestys says:

    Eric, just erase my reply. Pissed at Autocar for stealing my shot. Looks like it happens to you, too.

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