International Watch Fob Show

When Dan told me he was heading to the International Watch Fob Association show in Mantua, Ohio I could only produce a blank stare. It just didn’t sound like my kind of thing. As it turns out the show is much more than just watch fobs with antique heavy equipment, trucks, tractors and boatloads of memorabilia on hand making for a jam packed weekend.

Check out this combo. I’m not even sure what the truck is? A Reo maybe? Either way, I have never seen one before.

And then there was more heavy equipment than you can shake a stick at.

And with all that heavy equipment you better have a prime mover on hand. This twin engine (6-71 Detroit) Euclid should do nicely.

I guess next year I’ll wise up and make the journey out to this show! Thanks for the great photos Dan.

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3 Responses to International Watch Fob Show

  1. Mike DeWater says:

    That is a lot to take in. Brilliant!

  2. Joe says:

    Eric, the cabover rollback is a 1930’s White.

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