Autocar Mondays – Town of Clay, NY

I was probably a little more excited to see this truck than I should have been. I mean, after all it’s just an Autocar right? Wrong! It’s an Autocar Contrucktor which means it comes from the unspoiled age of the company. The age before the White/GMC/Volvo mess. The pictures tell the story of this well maintained truck. Regular maintenance can really work miracles when you realize this rig┬áhas been working the salt encrusted roads of NYS for more than three decades.

Autocar Construcktor

This truck comes to us from the town of Clay, NY stable of snow fighters. Once upon a time they ran a fairly large sized fleet of Construcktors including this VAC truck. Last summer they sold what I assumed was their last A-Car when this 1978 model crossed the auction block. I supposed I should get off my lazy butt and make the 15 minute cruise to their garage and see what is left!

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2 Responses to Autocar Mondays – Town of Clay, NY

  1. Joe says:

    The Town of Clay was always a hot bed of old trucks and has a pretty large fleet too. I have some pictures of their long gone stuff stashed away that I’ll scan one of these days- an old Diamond Reo tandem and an Oshkosh come to mind.

    I am amazed this Autocar survives too. Wonder if it is another ’78? Really nice find for “Autocar Monday’s”.

  2. Mike Redhead says:

    I have pictures when this was brand new. My dad had this as a plow truck for several years. The dump box was an add on . The original was a do-all box.

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