Autocar Mondays – Trans Tech Autocar Found!

Nearly one year ago I brought you the story of the beautiful Autocar wrecker that once belonged to Trans Tech Towing and the quest to bring it back home. I’m sure to the shock of many there is an update to this story!

To quickly recap, the truck originally operated out of Virginia before being sold to a company in Tennessee who had plans for a total restoration. As pictures from the original story indicated the restoration never took place and the truck was last seen parked in the weeds. Through some diligent searching Sean was able to find the truck about five hour south of its original home resting in the weeds of Hiltons, VA. The truck was still owned by the man who originally purchased it from Trans Tech all those years ago. Sadly, he passed away at the start of the new year.

While in rough shape Sean believes (as do I) that the truck deserves a shot at being saved as it was the first heavy wrecker ever owned by Trans Tech. The original drivetrain of a 250 Cummins, 15 over trans and 4.33 are long gone but that just means there is less weight to yank out of the mud. The glass is always half when it comes to old trucks. While the fate of this old rig still remains uncertain at this moment I can say that resting in the weeds is better than being scrapped into oblivion. Thanks for sharing these new photos and providing the follow up information Sean.

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3 Responses to Autocar Mondays – Trans Tech Autocar Found!

  1. Jay donovan says:

    Can that old autocar be bought ? 🙂

  2. Brady Harper says:

    Deal has been made and it will be heading back to Trans Tech in the near future.

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