Autocar Mondays – Why Buy New?

Across the globe heavy truck manufacturers are experiencing a slump in sales. While the reasons are many and complex one factor happens to be a large used truck market with low prices. Faced with financing a new truck full of electric gremlins and complex emission control systems have many buyers looking to the past.

We all know that older trucks come with their own problems but if you’re a heavy diesel mechanic by trade then you’re ahead of the game. Zach sends in these photos of his Autocar fleet, currently at six and counting. Below, his completely restored 1986 DK64B with a 300HP L10 Cummins, 8LL Roadranger and 58k Hendrickson rears. The classic east coast dump truck formula is alive and well.

Autocar Dump Truck

Starting with one truck years ago, Zach and his brother found they really liked working on these old rigs and putting them back to work. Once on the road they rarely come back with major problems….unlike the other late model trucks that keep Zach busy each day.

Autocar Fleet

The next project in the works? A 1963 all aluminum Autocar soon to be transplanted onto a 270″ air ride chassis. Can’t wait to see it! Thanks for sending in these great photos Zach.

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