Now That’s a Blade

In one of the most 80’s movies of all times Paul Hogan plays an Australian bush master Crocodile Dundee who through a series of events ends up in the Big Apple. This clash of culture and locals sets up a humorous scene in which street punks pull a small switch blade on him during an attempted robbery. Dundee calmly responds by revealing a comically large bowie knife and states “You call that a knife, now this is knife.” Now on Netflix I made my wife sit down and watch this movie in hopes we could make it to the famous scene. We didn’t even come close. Anway, this joke has been running through my head ever since Clarence’s sent in pictures of his Terex 82-50.

Terex 82-50 Dozer

Now complete with its 13 foot blade the 82-50 looks even more impressive. Trailer for scale. You hardly notice the Brockway sitting behind that blade!


It takes heavy equipment to move heavy equipment, the old Volvo L70 came in handy with loading that day. Reassembled and ready to go. Dirt doesn’t stand a chance.

Terex 82-50 Dozer


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