Bituminous Service Company

In the most recent Autocar Mondays post we saw a single shot of a truck that once belonged to Bituminous Service Company of West Chester, PA. Despite only having one shot of the truck reader Jim knew right away that this was the truck he spent days chasing through town as a youth. As he puts it..

When I scrolled down to the Gerhart Machinery photos, I didn’t even need to enlarge the thumbnail photo of the old, green A-car to recognize THAT truck. The BOLD letters – ROAD OIL – across the front bumper was all I needed to see to harken back to my days as a young boy in the early 60s in West Chester, PA.

I loved to watch road construction of any kind.
If Bituminous Service Company was paving a road anywhere within bicycling distance of my home in West Chester, I was there! Morning until the end of the work day.

Most of Bituminous Service Co’s equipment was dark blue with “Cat” yellow lettering on the doors. But THIS Autocar was unique in their fleet – dark green with a silver cab roof.

This truck was usually on the jobsite less than any truck in the BITCo fleet applying a layer of oil on top of the stone base before paving, but boy what memories that photo brought back.

Well Jim, here is another truck of the fleet that happens to be an International R-190. Like the Autocar this truck is gently rusting away while acting as a portal to a different time. Thanks to Dave who was kind enough to grab a few angles of this truck during his recent journey to Gerharts.

International R190

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