Brockway 759

Now here is a truck that I’ve often told myself I should stop and check out but for some reason never did. It’s a 1974 Brockway 759 that is clearly losing the battle with rust. Thankfully David had the good sense to grab a photo of this truck before it crumbles away for good. As the cab shows this truck has been a few different colors over the year. The yellow/green color points back to a day when the 759 was a town plow truck. Now the truck resides in the country, quite literally put out to pasture. Under the hood a Cummins waits to roar back to life.

I suppose it could look worse after sitting for 12 years! But you know me, I’m a softie when it comes to old trucks. Save them all is my motto. Thanks again to David for the share!

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  1. Joe says:

    Eric, not sure where this truck is but the color on the cab may indicate it was once a Cortland County truck. They had a ton of these 359/759 short hood high cab models back in the day. I have pictures of a few of them sitting in a junk yard in East Syracuse from about 20+ years ago. This one looks a lot better than those did even then!

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