The New Obsession

With winter hibernation drawing to a close I’ve begun to wonder about what construction projects I will be able to stalk during my lunch breaks. While there is always something happening downtown I’m looking for those larger projects that guarantee day in and day out action. I’m talking projects like the the Connective Corridor, the repaving of Harrison Street, and the demolition/replacement of the I-690 overpasses.

I think I found what I’ve been looking for in the construction of a new luxury student apartment complex near Syracuse University. Ah, just look at that action with pile drivers, excavators, dump trucks, and more. 

Somehow, I missed the demolition of the existing three story building on the site. I guess I should have spent less time screwing around at the slow moving Brennan Motor demo and checked out this accelerated project instead.

Plans for the building call for a basement parking lot which helps to explain the growing hole in the ground. Bad dirt is leaving while good dirt is arriving. That is the best non principal engineer explanation I can give. The ramp down to the pit is a little steep and soft at the moment for heavy trucks. Thankfully there are more than enough heavy pieces of equipment available to help out.

Below, video proof that every truck should be a 6×6 behemoth.

Summer is looking up!

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2 Responses to The New Obsession

  1. Andy R. says:

    Yeah, I cant wait to see the nightmare of the 690 bridge replacements.
    Live on the east side of town, they said… It will be great, they said…

    A 15 span, 6 lane bridge, that is 15′ off the ground, both direction of traffic bridge spans sit on the same bridge piers, that will be totally removed and be replaced with Styrofoam blocks to keep the fill light… Then the Teal St. exit rebuild 200′ from that…

    Great times are ahead this summer, GREAT TIMES!

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