Brockway 762

I was digging through some of my old files yesterday when I came across this nice looking Brockway 762 owned by Clarence Ritchie. Back in 2013 I paid Clarence a visit and was provided the red carpet treatment of his always changing truck collection. We even took a ride in his ’74 Brockway 361 tow truck. It’s Detroit powered for those wondering if they should bother clicking on the link. During our drive we stopped off a slate quarry that also doubles as an old age home for a wide variety of heavy duty classic trucks. With all the excitement something was bound to get lost and the 762 was that truck.  Below is a video of the truck starting up and moving out of the garage so the 361 could stretch its legs for a bit. You’ll also catch a glimpse of a few other Brockways owned by Clarence. On that trip I didn’t take too many photos of the treasurers contained within but believe me when I tell you there a some real gems. I had to leave something to photograph on a future visit after all. 😉

Once again, thanks to Clarence for opening his doors and sharing his time for me and for you!

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