Volvo For a Good Time

You have waited long enough. But for what? A video of construction work promised back to you on April 3rd of last year. Back during that time I was spoiled when it came to the connective corridor construction work taking place all over downtown. After nearly two years I didn’t pay much attention to the equipment working away on a daily basis. Now, in the dead of winter, I miss it. I didn’t think much of this video back in April but changed my mind while stitching it together last night. Highlights include the unloading of the Volvo ECR350CL excavator, a clip of it squeezing between a building and a light pole and a quick shot of Peterbilt with a very active Jake.

You might have noticed the same Autocar ACL dump truck pops again and again in the various clips. While there were six or seven independent contractors hauling for this project the driver of the Autocar always managed to make good time from the job site to the quarry and back again. Other drivers seemed to get lost for extended periods of time or disappear altogether. If you want it, you gotta work for it.

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