Brockway Trucks of Cortland, NY

Brockway, the gold standard of trucks everywhere. Was that an actual advertising tag line for the company? If not, it should have been. What a pair of beautiful trucks right here. Classic Brockway form.

Brockway Trucks

Today we have a mix of photos from the parade route, the museum and back to downtown Cortland. Not all trucks made the journey with some Huskies staying behind to guard the fort like this 761 once operated by Stuben County.

Brockway 761

In the video below you’ll find some footage of trucks finding their parking spots along main street along with two seriously loud Detroit Diesel powered rigs of which one is a formerĀ Colonial Sand and Stone truck. While it looks great in its current faded glory it will receive some much needed attention this winter.

Mega gallery part 2 with still more to come.

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