Huskie Town USA

Brockway National Truck show coverage concludes today by starting at the headwaters of the parade route, the CNY Living History Museum. I arrived early on Saturday to look over the trucks that had lined up the day before and to possibly catch a few more arriving on the scene. And arrive they did.

Later I caught a different angle when I walked the main street of Cortland while letting the camera run. The trucks, the sounds, the people. It’s almost like you’re there in person.

Finally we return to the still photos. There are few off brands in the mix that helped bring the stars of the show to Cortland. You’ll notice in the video above to the final truck I chase appears to be leaking coolant. This wasn’t the case but it did come from a truck that passed by just a few moments prior. You can see it being pushed into place in the gallery below. I don’t know about you but I sure had a great time reliving the memories of last Saturday. Until next year keep those Huskies rolling!

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