Brockways Revisited

It was a long hot summer around these parts. When you look at this photo of a Brockway 361 cooking away in a field outside of Homer, NY you can nearly feel that heat. The cool weather has just settled so it’s a little early to wish for it to come back.

This particular truck belongs to the once extensive Suit Kote Brockway fleet. The company still has more than a few Huskies around their various properties and even brings three restored trucks to the Brockway Truck show each year. Look, here is another 361.

And here is a 359…

See, I told you SK had a few Brockways lurking around. Still not impressed? Ok, how about these two set up as mobile pug mills?

So, by my count that is five trucks plus at least another three just down the road from this location. Home turf advantage I suppose.

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One Response to Brockways Revisited

  1. Dave says:

    One of the mobile pugmills would likely be the center of attention at any show – even if just restored to roadworthy condition. A full restoration would be a show stopper.

    Amazing find Eric!

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