Euclid R-15

You might now know it but if you see a truck like this parked along the side of the road you must stop and take a photo. Rules of the road. I came across this old Euclid R-15(?) the other day just outside of Auburn, NY. I have to image this old beast runs rough both load and empty. I’m unsure of the age but there is good choice their is a Detroit under the hood. That exhaust poking right up between the three window cab acts a device to keep drivers awake and warm during long work days….as long as their is no leak. 😉

Euclid was one of the first truck companies to find success by offering a purely 100% off road vehicle. The model seen here was the truck that was found on massive construction projects across the country for decades. If I had a back yard big enough it would be a fun truck to own.

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  1. AndyinMA says:

    Is that a frame rail or a girder???

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