Bucyrus Erie Spotting

Resident Northwest expert and historian Matt Folsom stops by today with a slew of Bucyrus Erie machines recently spotted across the Central New York region. Northwest fans do not panic! Matt has not switched sides. While Northwest Engineering is his preferred brand he isn’t so picky to pass up these gems. There is no room for Ford and Chevy guy style feuds when it comes to old iron! Nah, I’m kidding. There is plenty of room for good natured ribbing. Below, the official slang for each camp.

Bucyrus Erie – Bad Ending

Northwest – Not Working

P & H – Poor and Helpless

This unique looking setup is a Bucyrus Erie Transit Crane B-E 15-B mounted on Dart 6×4 frame. Power to the carrier portion is provided by a gas engine while a 3-53 Detroit Diesel powers the upper house. The 15B was rated to swing a 5/8 cu. yd. bucket. If you would like to see more of this machine swing by the Vintage Tracks Museum in Bloomfield, NY this summer. Over two hundred other pieces of equipment are also on display. I had no idea such a gem existed so close to home! My wife will be thrilled. 😉

Bucyrus Erie Transit Crane

The next machine is a Q 22-B drag line now residing in a farmers field near West Sparta, NY. A 3/4 cu. yd. Hendrix perforated bucket moved the material while a 4-53 Detroit made the power along with plenty of noise. Based on the ring around the machine I would say the cows, or whatever livestock use this field, keep a close eye on this machine. Trespassers beware!

Bucyrus Erie 22-B dragline

Moving up the scale we visit this model 71-B with 3 cu. yd. bucket. Once again power comes from a Detroit, this time in the form a 12V92. Now were talking..and it better be loudly to hear over that buzzing dozen. Current resting location is a Hanson pit outside of Phelps, NY.

Bucyrus Erie 71-B

And finally, the largest of them all, the 88-B with a 5 cu. yd. bucket and massive Cummins V-12 diesel engine. This machine resides in one the many  “aqua quarries” of the Suit-Kote Corporation that run along I-81. This one can easily be seen from the interstate right before the Homer, NY exit.

Bucyrus Erie 88-B

Photos of this monster come to us courtesy of Mario Torres. Both the 71-B and the 88-B hail from the same family line an actually use the same cab and house. Because of the large undercarriage the 88-B has a noticeable bump by the operators cab.

What a tour! If you’re still in the mood for more check out this post of Manitowac dragline in action!

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2 Responses to Bucyrus Erie Spotting

  1. David Kingsbury says:

    How about Bucyrus-Erie: Best Ever
    Northwest: Never Wimpy
    Manitowoc: Mighty

  2. Matt says:

    P @ H. Powerful & Hungry.

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