Mack for Refuse

If this truck could talk what would it say? Better yet, what would it sound like? I imagine it would sound like a burned out old hippie. I’ve seen things maaaaaan. This is not a terribly old truck. Maybe around ten years at most? No doubt, garbage trucks lead a hard life and this MR is no exception. Peer through the windshield and you’ll see pieces of the dash scattered all about. I foresee and expensive repair bill in the future.

Mack MR

This LE is faring a little better from the Town of Marcy, NY. You’ll notice that packer body has rusted away in certain spots, a condition that is slowly spreading to cab. Remember, Slow Down to Get Around.

Mack LE Garbage Truck

And finally a Mack Granite roll off of Robinson Roll Off. The building in the background is undergoing renovation to be a common space style building. Basically, dorm rooms for adults. Read more about here.

Mack Granite Roll Off

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