Building Collapse

I’ve been attempting to catch the demolition job seen below for well over two months now. Once the site of a very forgettable one story warehouse type building a new student housing complex is set to rise from the rubble. The original design called for used shipping containers to make up the core of the building, a plan that has since been abandoned in favor of traditional construction methods.

J.k. tobbin dump truck

Feast or famine seems to be the story around here and I now find myself having to choose between two demolition jobs. Just last week an abandoned building partially collapsed in the Armory Square area of the city. As fate would have it both jobs started on the same day and reside on opposite sides of downtown. Seeing as I can only be in two place at once I started off with the building collapse mostly because I had no idea the other demo was underway.


I hope to have more coverage of both jobs to share with you tomorrow but until then enjoy some of the footage below. Just like a summer block buster it has been edited down to just the most action packed scenes.

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