Tumbling Down

Buildings are tumbling down all around the City of Syracuse this week. Merry Christmas to me! I mentioned yesterday that one of these demolition jobs is setting the stage for a new building while the other is simply tearing down a derelict structure. I had to make a choice of which one to visit yesterday so I went with the new construction site. Work is moving along at a relaxed pace with crews keeping the site clear of debris one dump truck load at a time. The process appears to be simple. Peel one segment of roof apart, load into truck, bring down steel support frames. Repeat if necessary.


I snapped a few photos of the J.K. Tobin Hitachi excavator at work during some of these steps. It was a rainy and windy day so I had to keep stopping to clean and dry my camera lens.

Is there video you ask? Of course! Here is a selection of the days events starting off with some loading of rubble followed by some light demo work. It’s amazing how effortlessly the excavator can bend the steel beams. The power of hydraulics! I was hoping to see one of the main trusses come down in one piece but it never happened. Oh well. Maybe I’ll get lucky tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, seeing as this future building is so close to my own job I hope to have many more months of footage documenting the entire process. I’m already looking to 2015 and Christmas hasn’t even come and gone yet.

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