Caterpillar 769 Dump Truck

The Caterpillar 769 started production in 1963 and was Cat’s first off road dump truck. It had a payload of about 35 tons and was powered by a 400HP engine. A variant of the 769 is still in production today. Impressive run. The model below belongs to the 769 vintage of the late 70’s or early 80’s. If you know better, please let me know. Based on the looks of this truck it has bee no stranger to hard work over the years. When I snapped this photograph it had the markings of Barrett Paving Materials on it. No doubt it used to work at the quarry in Jamesville, NY which has since changed ownership to Hanson Aggregates. Look at the groove on the rear tire, looks like it was running on rails!

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2 Responses to Caterpillar 769 Dump Truck

  1. Ken Hansen says:

    A little correction. I believe you are wrong on saying Barrett Paving Materials changed to Hanson Aggregates. Barrett is still Barrett today. Actually the Solvay Process Quarry is what was bought by what is now Hanson Aggregates. Also Barrett Paving Materials took over owner ship of the blacktop section of Hanson at the Jamesville plant. It is a little confusing as they both seem to occupy the same location. I believe Barrett Paving Materials used to quarry their own stone for making blacktop but part of the deal with the take over of Hanson’s blacktop plants was that Hanson would be supplying the stone, some one else may know more details on that.

  2. Eric says:

    Thanks for the info, I believe you are correct. Now that I think about it I believe both companies have a sign up by the main entrance.

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