Chasing Snow – Oshkosh Snow Blower

Well isn’t that cute. It has eyes! This Oshkosh blower resides outside of Fulton, NY at the local K-Mart. The snow banks at this shopping center are huge but would be mini mountains if it wasn’t for the raw power of this machine. The website for this company appears to be dead so we can only dream about what might have been there at one time. Probably nothing but you never know. Maybe they had the answer to life or just a great taco salad┬árecipe.

Oshkosh Snow Blower – Click to Enlarge

Additional Photos

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Need more Oshkosh? Check out the link below.

Snow is Coming

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2 Responses to Chasing Snow – Oshkosh Snow Blower

  1. Andy says:

    This unit arrived in Fulton at the end of January. January 24th to be exact. I remember passing this on the Thruway that day on the back of a lowboy. You dont miss giant dayglow green machines like that.


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