Lost and Found – Chevy Bison

I had to turn around when I saw this truck parked at the end of a long driveway. At first I thought it was a GMC General but it turned out to be a truck that is a little more rare, a Chevy Bison. Following the strategy of badge engineering GM saw fit to provide Chevrolet with their own heavy Class 8 truck based off the General. With the exception of the bow tie on the grill I’m not sure how different the two trucks were from each other. The Bison was introduced in 1977 and had a short production run of just three years. It’s brother the General would last much longer with production ending in 1987. Cat, Cummins and Detroit Diesel power plants were available. There is a nice writeup of the Bison here at TrucksPlanet.com

As for this Bison I can only imagine what lays under the hood. The dual stacks look great and would sound even better if connected to a Detroit. The tandems out back appear to hold up some kind of material handler. This truck was located at a local scrap place so I hope this is not a recent drop off!

Chevy Bison – Click to Enlarge

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4 Responses to Lost and Found – Chevy Bison

  1. Onan says:

    is it for sale? any contact info? someone needs to save it..

  2. Jose Lopez,Miami says:

    The Bison was introduced in 1976,and was discontinued as of 1980 along with the Titan(the 90 was dropped from the Titan 90 in 1979,1970-1980 Chevy Titan.)The Grilles are different on Chevy’s “Heavies”. So they are similar or basically the same but the Badges and GRILLES,and Bowties are what sets them apart,they are both great,but The Chevrolet versions of The GMC Astro 95 and GMC General look better.The General ‘s last year was actually 1988(a few were made)the Astro(the 95 was dropped in 79′)made up until 87’. And the Brigadier would go on If I am not mistaken past 88′ as “VolvoWhiteGMC” Brigadier,GM And Volvo Trucks had a Partnership in 87. as Volvo GM Heavy Trucks.

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