Coming to a DPW near you…

Coming to a DPW near you…the Freightliner 114SD, ten points if you can figure out what the SD stands for. The 114SD joined the Freightliner lineup this past March for the operators of plow, cement, refuse and any other demanding truck related jobs. The 114 is powered by a Detroit Diesel DD13 (Cummins available in the fall) which is capable of 450HP and 1650 lb feet of torque when modified correctly. The hood of the 114SD has been specially designed to prevent snow build up around the cowl (magic?) and features a stationary grill for easier opening without removing plow equipment. This particular truck was waiting at Tracy Road Equipment for final upfit. A very modern truck with some very non-modern beacon lights but it works. Look for it on your street this winter!

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