Cross Pollination

You’ve probably seen the quikry signs at gift stores with funny sayings like “If it ain’t red leave it in the shed” or “John Deere parking only”, these signs are to let the world know your tractor of choice. They are similar to the Calvin window stickers the depict him  pissing on the Chevy bowite or the Ford blue oval. In other words you get these items when the loved ones in your life have run out of birthday gift ideas. You have an easier time buying gifts if the farmer in your life runs both Deere and International products like those shown below.

I took this photo mostly because I like the looks of the International with its very long and very contoured hood. It reminds me of a Formula1 car in some odd respect. Now clearly this hood that over hangs so dramatically plays some role other than to enclose a big engine. If you know, please share with us the reason.

Now here is another IHC that I know even less about than the one above. It sits abandoned on an old farmstead near Oneida Lake.

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