At the Dealer – From East to West

Clarence sends in these shots of a three new Mack TerraPros being upfitted for plowing duties at Trius Inc. Destined for the NYC Department of Sanitation these trucks will be ready for the next big storm in the Big Apple. From the pics we can seen onboard calcium chloride tanks wedged between the cab and Hi-Way XT3 multipurpose body. You’ll also notice the trucks have devices on the side to prevent pedestrians and bicycle riders from being run over either through their own ignorance or pain bad luck. Now, here is the million dollar question. Why are the rims green on NYC Sanitation trucks. Has it always just been that way or is there a deeper meaning?

Back here in CNY this sharp looking blue Western Star 4700 was on the lot at Tracey Road Equipment. It’s obvious that Tenco equipment is the gear of choice and it has what I consider to be “euro” style fenders on the rear axle. The single side stack looks pretty cool too.

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4 Responses to At the Dealer – From East to West

  1. Jeff says:

    Hybrid trash trucks

  2. Jeff says:

    Wonder what those guards on the front A & B post of the windshield are for?

    • Dan says:

      More than likely their for aerodynamics or to disperse of rain before it hits the mirrors. Same thing Canadians did back in 70s and 80s with their cabovers.

  3. ted says:

    With regards to the green rim remember reading either denotes a different tire size for the front tires or type of fuel the truck uses.

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