Cummins Electric Truck

You don’t always have to be the first person with an idea to be successful. Over the past year or two the Nikola One and Tesla have both trotted out concept versions of their hybrid trucks. While both companies claim their trucks are close to reality little in the way of physical proof has been presented. Now entering the game is Cummins with their Class 7 Urban Hauler Electric vehicle. Developed in partnership with Roush the UHEV has a range of 100 miles thanks to an 140KW battery pack. When depleted the battery can be recharged fully in one hour. Paired with small diesel generator the range of the truck can be increased to around 300 miles.

You’ll notice at the moment this truck is wearing an International cab. Don’t get excited or angry as Cummins has no plans on entering the commercial vehicle market. This truck you see below is nothing more than a showcase for the engine and battery technology that will be offered to traditional truck builders.

If you were in the market for an electric or hybrid electric truck would you buy from an existing truck building company using a power train developed by a world class engine builder or would you venture off into the unknown territory of Telsa and Nikola?


Cummins Beats Tesla to the Punch

Engine Maker Cummins Shows Of All Electric Truck

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