Lost and Found – Mack DM

Like most people I enjoy a nice Sunday cruise through the country. I would say that outside of run down industrial areas your chances of find old trucks is the best out in the boonies. Sometimes you have to just get in the car and drive while other times call for advance scouting. Enter Google Maps.

I figured I would pull up a chunk of nearby planet to investigate. Starting with the birds eye view I followed a few roads backs and forth looking for large buildings or groups of vehicles. I didn’t find much so I dropped down to street view which often times doesn’t exist the further from beaten path you go. This time I was in luck and followed the path of the Google street view car for a few miles around the back roads. That’s where this Mack DM showed up. The capture date was nearly two years old so I wondered if the old dog was still there. Technology can only take you so far before you have to get up and physically move but I’m sure there will be a fix for that before too long.

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