Diesel Sales Up, Hybrid Sales Down.

Diesel sales rose 27% among passenger vehicles in the year 2011 according to a study performed by HybridyCars.com and Baum and Associates. This should come as no surprise. Over the past year nearly every major auto manufacturer has announced plans to add a diesel engine to a new or existing vehicle.  Just last week Jeep announced the return of diesel power plant for the Grand Cherokee and now rumors are swirling regarding a diesel powered Durango. Early this year Mazda and GM both announced plans to power their sedans and compact cars with some form of diesel.  And don’t forget the already established diesel purveyors like Volkswagen. One another interesting point from the study, hybrid sales were down 2.2% in 2011.  This is a trend that I would only expect to continue as more diesel powered options become available to the consumer.  Anyone looking for hybrid style gas mileage will be able to find comparable or better numbers from a cheaper and already proven technology.  Take that Prius!

Chevy Cruze - Soon to be diesel powered

Source: dieselforums.com

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