Evel Knievel’s Rig – Help Save Trucking History

The old truck hiding behind a farmers barn. The rig buried in the back corner of some industrial wasteland. We all have caught a fleeting glimpse of a road side relic in our travels. You consider yourself lucky if you can stop for a quick picture or revel in the faded glory. But all too soon you have to move on and leave that old truck to its fate. But today is different. Today you can do more. Today you can actually save a piece of this old iron. And what a piece it is.

If you are a regular visitor of this site you know about the fine Speed program, American Trucker. One particular episode from the past season revolved around Robb Mariani hunting down the support truck used by Evel Knievel. His quest was successful and now the truck is awaiting a full restoration.

Click here to visit the website dedicated to the Evel Rig, a unique one of kind Mack FS786LST. View historic photos of the rig. Following the restoration proccess. Make a donation!

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