Diesels Behaving Badly

The internet is a vast place. It potentially contains all human knowledge. It also contains videos like the two below. First up is a story about a runaway Terex TS24 Scraper in the beautiful English countryside. Watch as witness recount this harrowing story with typical English whit and reason. Major props to the police officer than ran along side of the Terex over rough terrain for what seems like twenty mile. I hope they gave him an award.

Next we have the restoration of an old GMC with a Detroit 4-71 that has been sitting since 1981. The truck puts on a good show, refusing to start and lulling the two younger men into false sense of security. Little do they know it just waiting for the right moment to strike.

A “stuck” diesel is a very popular video to post on Youtube. Apparently the only full proof method to stop such a condition is to deprive the engine of air. Turning off the ignition or disconnecting the battery will have little impact. Based on the calm reaction of the older gentleman in the video he has seen this happen before.

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2 Responses to Diesels Behaving Badly

  1. Dan says:

    I’m not sure what I liked better – the officer running along side calling out the location for an obnoxious distance or when he actually gets in the scraper, the best idea he has is to randomly pull on wires under the dash.

  2. BobSaget says:

    Here’s an idea, PUSH ON THE BRAKE PEDAL

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