White? GMC? Volvo? Autocar?

You may recall that a few weeks ago I stopped by the Town of Camillus DPW garage where I spied these two Walter Snow Fighters rusting away behind the free mulch piles.  Clearly they are done plowing for the town.  As cool as the the Walters are they were not the only vehicles that caught my eye.  Below are a few trucks that reside outside.  One front line fighters now displaced from their heated garages by newer rigs.  The models you see below represent a confused time in the trucking world.  The long and storied history of the White Motor Company was drawing to a close.  Purchased by Volvo, White trucks began to wear a badge that combined another corporate acquisition, the GMC heavy truck line.  Style cues began to bleed over from the parent company Volvo until remnants of White/GMC/Autocar were gone.  You can see this progression take place with the first three trucks in the gallery below.

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2 Responses to White? GMC? Volvo? Autocar?

  1. BobSaget says:

    first two are unknown but the 3rd one is a Volvo WG. 4th one is an Autocar and the last one is a Volvo WG series

  2. Jason says:

    The great thing about these trucks is the whole cab is aluminum. I was surprised that the 1991 White GMC Volvo semi tractor’s can was not rusted out…. I start tapping on panels. aluminum has a different sound and feel than steel. On the back of the cab where the trailer light cord had rubbed, you can see shiny aluminum. Also – these trucks are dirt cheap since it’s an odd manufacturer. However, semi engines, transmissions and axles are fairly universal.

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