Dirt Hauling to the Dome Revisited

You have probably seen a dump truck from the side. And you probably have seen a dump truck from the rear. But have you ever seen a dump truck from above?

Last year I shot some footage of trucks rolling through the airlock of the Carrier Dome during preparations for Monster Jam. Over 425 loads of stockpiled soil was hauled by Riccelli Enterprises to help construct the ramps and jumps that make up a Monster Jam show. At the time I didn’t feel the footage was all that good but now in the starving days of winter it seems down right amazing! The video begins with Big Red Towing hauling in some rental equipment from Milton Cat.

By the way, Monster Jam Syracuse has been pushed back until April 8th this year. Considered this your first and final warning.

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2 Responses to Dirt Hauling to the Dome Revisited

  1. Andy R. says:

    Winter just started and you are already starving?!

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