C-Series Fords Never Die

Few heavy truck manufactures recouped their cab development and tooling cost like Ford Motor Company when they introduced the C-Cab styled trucks in 1957. 

For over three decades Ford produced the C-Series for a variety of trucking vocations. The model was particularly popular among fire departments and inner city delivery companies as the cab over style allowed for easy driving in tight urban areas. As late as 2001 I can recall the local Roadway terminal still employing a C machine as local runner! If only I had taken a picture. Thankfully Zach of Refuse Truck Media and Consulting wasn’t as foolish as me when he came across this ’86 model of Royal Refuse Service.

This truck still enjoys regular use as a yard dog while spotting various bins around the Royal yard in Eugene, Oregon. Over the years the C-Series remained largely unchanged in outward appearance undergoing cosmetic changes only when mandated by law. Early year C’s sported quad-style headlights but after that change in 1960’s the details became more subtle.

Above you see what is reported to be a ’69 model. If you look closely you’ll see that the side reflective markers and emblems are missing (mandated in 1968) while an empty trapezoid stained space on the front suggests a gear and lighting bolt emblem that was in use until replacement by the iconic blue oval in 1967. When it comes to old trucks who can tell what has happened over the years. Sometimes to keep these old rigs running you have to steal from an decade you can to make a complete truck. This could explain the discrepancies in trim pieces that point to a different time period.

Various engines of both the gas and diesel variety could be found under the floor of C-Series. Take a listen to this old gal in action and see if you can figure it out.

Among the famous cabs of years gone by the C-Series ranks right up there with the Mack R-Model and the Kenworth W series in life span. Once found on the highways of this great nation in prodigious numbers the C-Series is now rarely found outside of books in your local library. Thanks for the share Zach!

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7 Responses to C-Series Fords Never Die

  1. Al Pennino says:

    That is a Cummins C-180

  2. Ian Williams says:

    Roadway in Reno had a 2 Axle C Tractor working through 2006.

  3. Andy R. says:

    FWD used this cab as well…

  4. Rob says:

    Mack used the cab, too: http://87thscale.proboards.com/thread/1665 . Had the Aurora Model Motoring unit, probably still have it somewhere.

  5. jared says:

    I love the old c series cabs we still have 2 of them with rear load garbage packers on them they really hold their own!

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