Door for Scale

Please note the door behind this Cat 545D for scale so you can fully appreciate the size of this machine. Guess what? There is a model size up from this one! It must be a real joy to put chains on a vehicle like this.

Cat 545D

So how many old skidders do you think have to be traded in to purchase one brand new 545D?

wheel skidders

I think I enjoy the new/used forestry section at Milton Cat the most. There always seems to be something interesting to see.

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4 Responses to Door for Scale

  1. Andy says:

    Where in NY are they logging where they would need a machine this big?

    Who is buying these at these prices around here?

    If the link expires, its a 2015 1862hrs priced to move at $305,000

  2. Jason says:

    Skidders are fairly rare in northeast Indiana where I’m at. I’d lost track of just how big modern skidders are. That thing is a freakin BEAST.

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