Downtown Plaza Demolition

Ryan is doing a great job keeping tabs on the leveling of Downtown Plaza in the heart of Sacramento, CA. With the demolition phase of the project quickly nearing an end I know you may feel sad and anxious over what will fill the void of such amazing footage. Take heart! All this hard work is being done so construction can begin on a new arena for the Sacramento Kings. You know what that means. More trucks. More construction. More heavy equipment. The new arena is planned to have a retractable roof so I foresee large cranes in the future. I’m sure Ryan will be there to document every moment. 😉

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Live for today. Live for the moment.

Ferma Corporation Demolition

Showing how far the job has progressed since the start of the summer we find heavy equipment already leaving the site.

Kenworth Heavy Hauler

You can read more about the project by clicking here. I could only dream that my local paper would so thorough as to announce constructions project plans right down the minute. Props to the Sacramento Bee.

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