Field Days of the Past

The ultimate burnout machine? Wouldn’t it be something to see this old Euclid perform the worlds most awesome burnout? That’s the look I’m getting from this machine. In reality we all know these rigs were designed for brute strength and massive torque over high end speed but one can dream. The dual pipes on this monster indicate the presence of a Detroit 12V71 diesel.


Jacks spotted these old Euclids and many other cool items at the Field Days of the Past Rockville, VA. Also present was a Fairbanks Morse 4 cylinder diesel that once powered a fish processing plant in Ocran, VA. It’s power band resides around 300 RPM producing 300 HP. Talk about low end power! Jack tells us it shakes the ground but is not as loud as one might think.

Fairbanks Morse Diesel Engine

Like similar events across the country there were plenty of other bits and pieces of heavy equipment to be enjoyed including drag lines, dozers and even rock crushers. Check out the gallery below. Thanks for sharing Jack. Looks like a cool show!

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