Fire Truck Exposition

Zack shares with us a few more pictures from his excellent website dedicated to the photography of fire trucks and other rescue vehicles. I like the variety of equipment covered in the latest selection. Command vehicles, brush trucks, vintage pumpers, just a little bit of everything. I’m partial to the massive West Redding Mack tanker and the Washington International Engine 3 myself. What about you?

Once again thank you for you the great shots Zack!

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  1. Bencollins Ndu says:

    we are negotiating with some government agencies for the supply of airport fire fighting trucks and wish to request the fire fighting trucks model, capacity and details you have in stock. Please we want you to direct us to a company in the USA that can help us in mounting a fire fighting equipment on the back of a mack truck or better still a source to a company that deals with such

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