FWD and Oshkosh

I swang by Tracy Road Equipment a few weeks ago and noticed these two trucks hiding behind the fenced in section of the yard. At the time they were still wearing their Town of Herkimer seals. What a difference three weeks can make as the trucks have now been moved to the used portion of the lot. Combined, these two trucks probably pushed tons upon tons of snow through the streets of Herkimer. But time marches on, the seasons take their toll, technology changes, what is new becomes old.

Based on the tags this FWD is a RB44 model. Following my 15 second inspection it appears to be solid. The cab is rather rust free. The interior is in pretty good shape as well. Maybe this truck has some life let in yet?

FWD RB-44 – Click to Englarge

FWD RB-44 – Click to Enlarge

Or maybe your an Oshkosh man?  Tracey has your back with this clean P-Series.

Oshkosh P-Series – Click to Enlarge

Oshkosh P-Series – Click to Enlarge



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5 Responses to FWD and Oshkosh

  1. Ryan Pedone says:

    So sad to see all the real snow fighters of upstate NY get sold off just to be replaced with a shiny new truck that will only be able to do half the work of its predecessors.

  2. Ryan C says:

    The town I grew up in had two FWD’s, one was a RB44, not sure what the other one was. A buddy bought both at an auction, used the RB to plow parking lot’s, blade straight and both wings Dow she’d sail through the nasty drifts of the building on one lot he did, granite curbing and all;-). I’m saving my penny’s to buy an FWD or Oshkosh and restore to it’s original glory, these are real trucks, perhaps real ugly, but I love ’em none the less

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