They don’t come much uglier than this and I mean that in a good way. Brian sends in shots of this 1978 FWD currently for sale outside of Rome, NY. You might have heard that trucks with a setback axle have a better turning radius than their more conventional brothers. Well, I figure this truck must be able to turn on a dime. Literally! 

There is much going on with this old truck. Up front there is some sort of air tank contraption. The Detroit Diesel under the hood belches through an exhaust stack that comes up the passenger side with a muffler sitting on the top of the cab. And of course underneath the truck you will find a massive offset front axle and transfer case the size of a small car.

Brian tells us the truck once belonged to Harry Osborne Building Supplies from the valley area of Syracuse. As mentioned before you can now find it in Rome for the asking price of just 4,500. Pound for pound it’s probably close to a good deal but I’m sure you could haggle them down a few thousand or two.

Is the price right or will the sad trombone sound play? Thanks for grabbing these shots Brian.

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  1. Craig Dykstra says:

    Awesome Rig! Is there any information on this truck? Any chance it’s still for sale?

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