Generational Blizzard

Have you heard about that blizzard that buried the east coast this past weekend? Of course you have. No matter where you live in the U.S. the weather on the right coast is the weather for the entire country. The Blizzard of 2016 aka Winter Storm Jonas brought over 30 inches of snow to six states, caused the deaths of over 30 people and resulted in economic losses of 3 billion dollars. Is it crazy for me to long for a blizzard like that? The last and only one I witnessed was back in 1993. Even though the snow passed me by I still have some photos to share courtesy of viewers like you.

First up Dave with some action shots of the private contractor fleets from the Malvern, PA area.

Blizzard Snow Plow

I was thinking to myself the other day that you don’t see many long hood Pete’s with plows attached.


Seth provides coverage of the storm from Ardsley, NY outside of the NYC metro area. Below, a 2016 Freightliner SD108 6×6 with a Henderson Mark E Single Axle Dump Body with a Hi-Way Sander and Henderson SnowFoe Plow.


And a 2008 International Workstar with a Viking Body and Plow, and a Hi-Way Spreader.


Coverage concludes today with a shot from Jason prior to the storm of this 6×6 International WorkStar for the NYS Office of Emergency Management. This truck along with many other piece of equipment and manpower were staged at areas predicted to receive heavy snow fall. This truck was seen at a rest stop along 1-87 outside of Ramapo, NY. All things considered I haven’t heard too much regarding clogged roads or stranded motorists from NY. It looks like lessons were learned from previous storms. Even the Governor was in on the act pulling cars out of ditches with his Suburban. Thank you to all that worked in difficult conditions during this blizzard to keep roads and other vital public services open and operating.

International WorkStar 6x6

Do you have pictures you would like to share from this past storm or any other? Email today!

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