Autocar Mondays – Strong Foundation

The true strength of any good building begins with its foundation. The same is true with trucks. Therefore It only makes sense that Connecticut Foundations Corp chose an Autocar for assisting them in the construction of the strongest foundations in the industry.

Autocar 6x6 Crane Truck

I wish I could tell you more about the specs of this truck but I don’t have them. This has been a problem with recent editions of Autocar Mondays that I hope to resolve soon. In the mean time we can only speculate at age, engine, trans, etc.

Autocar Truck

Digging through the CFC photo page you’ll find a few more shots of this truck. One of the better ones can be seen here. Rumor has it that this truck was recently replaced by a newer unit and might be up for sale soon. It seems to be one hell of a machine and in great condition. A big thank you to Bryan for sharing these photos.

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4 Responses to Autocar Mondays – Strong Foundation

  1. joe says:

    Nice. I wonder if they bought this truck new? Or could it be one of those ex-Clayton Block trucks that found a new life and a lot more chrome?

    • Kevin Leonard says:

      This truck is a 1973 purchased new by BIll MIller owner CFC originally powered by a Cummings PT 270 and 6 speed trans I drove this truck for many years after Ritchie and before and after Bruce this truck has had many.power plant changes over the years last I new it was powered by a Cummings 350 and 13 speed transmission trans in the photo shown the crane that is on the truck is the third one since 1973

  2. Bruce Morsey says:

    This truck was bought brand-new by Bill Miller owner of Connecticut foundations it was originally driven by Richie and then it was driven by Lee Morsey I drove it in early 80s now driven by David Miller which I believe owns Connecticut foundations it is a beast it it can be put into ten wheel Drive I seen the mud overtop of these tires and just keep right on going it has to have millions of miles on it by now fantastic truck they don’t make them like this no more

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