Grade A Filler

Ah, what to talk about when there is nothing left to talk about. How about snow plows! Much like sawdust is a filler in your favorite hot dog, snow plows are the filler on your favorite truck website. 

Originally I thought I hadn’t talked much about plows on this site in the past month or so but then I looked back and realized that half of the photos I planned on posting were already shared in early July. My mind is getting foggy in old age.

The local International dealer has the first HX in snow plow form that I have seen in person. Destination unknown at this time. However, the green color gave me pause to think of the Town of Manlius. While the color isn’t a match to Manlius it is fun to think about how they would spec one out. Sharpest fleet in the CNY region if you ask me (and others too!)

While not a snow plow the discussion of this truck is timely as its predecessor is currently for sale at Auctions International. This Workstar replaces an 1989 Ford LTS8000 as prime crude buster for the City of Syracuse. I only learned of the Ford about two years back when after a brutal winter the streets were clogged with broken pavement, garbage, salt, and left over yard waste. People demanded answers and the old Ford was trotted out the back of the garage. I figured trucks like this had been relegated to the past when the rise of the modern sweeper but apparently you need a truck like this to show you are tough on grime.

I’m sure the guys over at the Town of Arcadia are early awaiting their new Mack. By now they probably already have it and are dreaming of those sweet overtime causing snowflakes. By some counts it’s only 50 days until fall. God help us.

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