Grand Theft Engine?

Last week someone drove a tractor trailer to the Mack truck factory in Macungine PA and stole twenty brand new engines.  Pennsylvania State Police report a truck entered the factory in the early evening of March 6th and dropped of a trailer.  It is unclear if this trailer actually contained goods for the factory or was just a front to gain access.  The mystery truck in question then hooked itself to a different trailer containing twenty shiny new diesel burners and promptly left the scene.  The follow day the truck, trailer and engines were discovered on the side of the road about 68 miles from the factory.  The driver is still at large.  Total value of the twenty engines?  390,000 US dollars.  WOW! Simple math breaks that down to 19,500 per engine!  Remember, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

Mack Vision, missing its stolen engine.


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