Hendrickson Trucks

Here on the east coast Hendrickson trucks were always something of a rare bird and now with the passage of time that statement has only becomes more true. Heading out to the ATHS show in Des Moines I knew that if I was going to see Hendricksons in any significant quantity it would take place in Iowa. As you can see the hawkeye state did not disappoint.

The truck above was constructed by using an International cab that contained an integral sleeper. Don’t worry, Hendricksons of this time period used the Comfo-Cab popularized by International Harvester so no historical value was lost. I’m not sure but I assume Hendricksons packed larger than average power based on the seemingly endless hood and external air cleaners. Great looking trucks indeed.

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  1. Rick Bell says:

    I learned to drive dump truck in a Hendrickson triaxle. All 3 axles were live. Came with a 671 Detroit. 3shift levers with 4 gears each. Owner replaced engine with an 892 Detroit the slightest hill and you would have to go through just about all the gears but sounded awesome. Truck needed 2 football fields to make a 90 degree turn. Same green as the picture. So now I have seen 2 of them.

  2. Branson R Watson says:

    I have an old one just like the ones in the pics

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