Mack Truck Time Line

God bless the folks that bring not one truck but an entire fleet of trucks to shows like the ATHS National Convention. The Sid Kamp crew rolled into Des Moines in style bringing seven Mack trucks that reached back to the age of the B-Model straight through to the Titan. They were even nice enough to roll them through the gate in order from new to old. Just about the only bulldog missing was a DM!

While the video you are about to see is fairly decent it was almost a great one. You’ll notice that the B-Model dump has a really great sound to it. Now imagine if I was standing a short distance in front of this truck while the driver laid into the peddle, rowed through the gears and left a giant cloud of black smoke in his wake. Yup, that’s what could have been if I wasn’t so concerned with eating a chocolate chip cookie at nine in the morning. Someday when you can download the visual images of your brain to the web sob stories like this one will be a thing of the past.

Make sure you stop by the Sid Kamp website to see even more great photos by clicking here.

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  1. wi big rig says:

    that mack does sound sexy. I’d love to be behind it in the black smoke haha

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