Hough H60 Payloader

Keeping the loader trend going from earlier in the weekI present you with this Hough H60 Payloader.  You’ll notice that this loader is wearing the famous “man on tractor” IH logo of International Harvester.  Hough was purchased by International in 1952 and the name continued on loaders and other heavy equipment through the mid sixties which also happens to be the time frame of this loader.  It looks like this machine has seem some sort of restoration as the logos and paint are in very good shape.  From what I can glean from the internet this H60 was probably gas powered with three forward gears.

Hough H60 Payloader - Click to Enlarge

Hough H60 Payloader - Click to Enlarge


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2 Responses to Hough H60 Payloader

  1. Mat Busch says:

    Hi Eric,
    found your H60 Payloader pictures in the net.
    Is it possible, to let me have your permission, to publish those 2 pics on my website http://www.ihc.de ?

    with best regards from Neuss on Rhine / Germany

  2. Jack Damonte says:

    hough h-60 payloader with a g-372 engine and im looking for a zenith model 63 carb part # 189139H2 carburetor rebuilt can you help

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