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Today we have some what of a classic rig, an International 9300 Eagle.  This truck can trace it’s heritage all the waaaaay back to 1984 when it was introduced as a premium conventional model which basically means that this truck was designed to look boxy and run with a long hood and an even larger grill.  The winds of change were blowing, calling for aerodynamic efficiencies in the form of side skirts, sleeper cab fairings, and roof wings.  But one truck would stand firm and remain unchanged until the mid 90’s, the International Eagle!

The Eagle was actually a model line of the 9300.  It was the best of the best, designed to appeal to the owner operator set and fleet owners looking for their flagship truck.  No option was too good for the Eagle.  It came with unique paint colors like laser red and sonic blue. A dash made of rosewood complemented the leather wrapped two spoke steering wheel.

Now, I can’t tell you what year this truck is or what options it has but I can take a few educated guesses.  To start, look at those cab marker lights, very old style.  Original to the truck?  Who knows.  The bumper certainly doesn’t look stock.  I’m not making much progress identifying this truck so I’ll stop now.  Enjoy your week!

International Eagle - Click to Enlarge

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