House Cleaning

Yesterday, as I so often do, I passed by the Town of Dewitt Highway Department garage and immediately noticed that some house cleaning had taken place near the back forty. The graders and industrial forklifts are now gone leaving a much cleaner view of the snow thrower in question from a few weeks back.

Oshkosh Snow Thower

It’s clear to see now that the rig is an Oshkosh of a very old vintage. Defintatley mid 50’s oare earlier. Please let me know if I’m completely wrong on either the age or make. My feelings won’t be hurt. I promise. Regarding the other equipment the two graders have been moved closer to the salt shed while the forklift remains to be seen. Possible auction items in the near future? If so, my religious visits to Auctions International will certainly pay off.

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2 Responses to House Cleaning

  1. joe says:


    Is this blower still there? If so, you should see if you can get in there a get some close ups and one of your world famous walk-around videos! Don’t forget to get the engine make/models too.

    • Eric says:

      Yes, I believe it is. The town cleaned up their yard a few seasons back with the loader and some other junk heading to Auctions International. The Oshkosh however remains. Tucked far away in the back corner well out access.

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