Hylab 5

Almost two years ago the telecommunications giant Verizon decided to change their corporate logo. It’s been out for a while now on things like billing statements and service vans. You’ve probably become used to it by now if Verizon has any presence in your part of the world. While swapping a logo on a van isn’t the easiest thing to do it’s a walk in the park compared to replacing an illuminated sign about two times the size of an average billboard….eight stories of the ground. For that bit of work you’re going to need the 300 ton monster that is the Link Belt 348 Hylab 5.

For most of the week now assembly has been taking place on a closed one section block of downtown Syracuse. Once assembled I’m guessing the Link Belt and crews from JPW will be lifting elements of the new sign into place. A scaffolding has been in a place for a month now and actually was used to remove the old signage. Perhaps a heavier lift is due to take place?

Only time will tell. You know I’ll do my best to bring you the coverage. 🙂

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  1. Andy R. says:

    They have lifted roof top AC units over off Salina with smaller machines… Seems like a lot a machine for some plexiglass… Something else must be happening…

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